Amiga 2000 (1987) – Part 1

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This quite a nice upgraded machine waited two years for a repair. Now I am on sickness leave so I finally have enough time to look inside. The logic board is covered with a lot of dust and the EMI suppression capacitor exploded so it needs to be replaced. Before the explosion (which happened when the machine was off) there was also another issue – it could not boot without the (CPU) accelerator card and even then, under certain situations it displayed the green screen error (= chip RAM).

Except for the CF-IDE adaptor, there are no modern upgrades in this A2000. The logic board contains just 68000 with 1MB of chip RAM and it is expanded with following:

  • A2630 rev 9 – an accelerator board with 25-MHz MC68030 CPU, MC68882 FPU and 2MB of 32-bit (fast) RAM
  • IDE controller for a hard drive and CD-ROM
  • Multivision 2000 – a scan-doubler (VGA compatible) with a stereo audio amplifier
  • A25000 – 2MB RAM expansion
  • PC Emulator A2000 – a PC XT emulator card with 4.77-MHz 8088 and own RAM
  • Tseng ET4000AX – a video card that allows to display the DOS session on a separate VGA

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