Vintage Computers & Stuff

This website is a place where I want to share my experience with all the different old computers and graphics accelerators I play with in my spare time. I work for a company that is a big player in high-performance computing and supercomputer segments, so I interact with most cutting-edge hi-end systems at work. At the same time, I cooperate with many older engineers and talented technicians, who worked for key microcomputer and minicomputer vendors during the 1980s and 1990s. That gives me access not only to old computers and UNIX workstations, but also to manuals and installation media.

I already share snippets of my retro-computing activities on my Tumblr page (UPDATE: now mirrored also here in the Blog section), but Tumblr is suitable only for photos with a short description. Vintage computers have become popular again, but most collectors and enthusiasts are happy with just pretty images of computers. I have nothing against it. On the other side, this page should go more into detail. It is intended for more demanding, albeit much smaller audience, who is heavily into details of weird old hardware.

I am not focused on any single brand or type of a computer. I am randomly switching between home 8/16-bit micros, IBM PC & compatibles, UNIX workstations and all types of laptops.

The original plan was to fill the page with content before it goes public. However, I felt like this would had never been finished that way. I decided to put it online first and then start filling it with topics one by one. Even translating my original articles from Czech to English will take me at least two years, so I assume that this page will always be under construction.