Atari Stacy And a New Display

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You can still buy a new white-on-blue LCD for Atari Stacy (a 30 years old system). The reason is simple – the same screen is used in multiple medical/industrial devices. The result is better than backlight replacement we did on a different unit although the new screen is glossier. Now we have two fully working machines.

I don’t have much experience with 16-bit Atari computers so I was quite surprised that the system has also some tricks to get more than 16 colors our of the machine. Albeit not as useful as the HAM mode on Amiga, this is still impressive.

Atari STacy 2 (1989)

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It would be a shame to not share the rest of Atari STacy photos. This was my first experience with this machine and it was wonderful. The large trackball is a pleasure to use and the only thing I don’t like are small arrow keys.

The machine is in perfect condition (the display is less bright though). Its internal 640×400 1-bit monochrome LCD operates in the ST High mode and it doesn’t support any other mode. You can use STacy for playing games but you need to attach a TV set or a color monitor then.

You’ve probably noticed that there is a battery LED indicator. The machine doesn’t have a battery (other than the one for RTC backup) because Atari was not satisfied with a very low battery life and decided to not include it (in order to lower the price).