Peugeot 106 Electrique (1995)

This little electric car was made in the mid-90s. It offered a 20-kW electric motor and 11-kWh NiCd battery that provided range about 80-100 km. This particular vehicle was recently upgraded with a 3-phase on-board AC charger (up to 12kW) and a BMW i3 Li-Ion battery offering 28 kWh of usable energy and range about 200-250 km per charge.

It is fascinating how much the technology evolved. Peugeot 106 had top speed just 90 km/h and although its motor offered up to 20 kW of power, you should not exceed 11 kW for a longer period. Otherwise you could damage the motor.

Drive mode selector is implemented the simplest way I’ve ever seen. There is no Parking or Neutral mode. You just have a button in the center console that switches between going forward and backward.

3 thoughts on “Peugeot 106 Electrique (1995)”

  1. Sabina Zelená.

    What about an article about price-comparison of buying a new EV or used EV,which almost in every case means buying a new battery & in cases like this,when U must change the chemical-type of the battery,U must also buy a new charger…

    1. A friend of mine has a Peugeot Partner Electrique from the same era with the original NiCd battery pack (we made it working again last summer). It works just fine except two damaged cells. We recently bought two spare battery modules (each for 2500 CZK) and will replace them in following months. Even with the broken cells, it still manages 40 km per charge (compared to original 90-100km). I hope that we will get 85-90 km after the fix.

      Such an article would be too complicated. I would say that buying an old EV is more a hobby stuff than a wise economical choice.

      1. Sabina Zelená.

        Thank U for the profound & detailed answer.
        How U got NiCd cells now,when they r officially forbidden in EU?
        I will need only some little D-cells,but Your experiences may be useful.
        If I would be enough rich to be able to go so far in my hobbies,i would sure try to install a 2nd propulsion into the rear part of my Trabant-an electric drive to have a hybrid Trabant as a result & would try to win a Most Original Tuning Challenge(if such challenge does not exist,i would establish it)…that is a dream…& the reality…the technician wrote me today,he cannot find even a hycomat…

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